Combo Box Synching


  • Limit possible selection combinations.
  • Allows simpler user decisions.

Mail Merge


  • Save time by creating only one letter.
  • Reduce possible errors.

MS Word - Mail Merge with an Excel File - 12/07/2011

Tutorial on setting up an excel file so that a table of data in excel can be mail merged into a word document template. Link

MS Access - Syncing Combo Boxes - 12/04/2011

A method synching combo boxes on an Access form in order to limit the selections in one combo box based on the selection of the first. This has the benefit of making it easier and quicker for making combo box selections. Also this method makes it easier to make changes to the lists of selectable items. Link

Converting a Character String Case - 12/03/2011

A text string case conversion. For when the formating of text must be in all upper case, all lower case or proper case. The StrConv() function can be used to do this. Link

Access SQL Sub Queries - 12/03/2011

Syntax reference for performing Sub Queries in MS Access, which is good to know; due to the limits of the SQL engine inside of access some queries like SELECT DISTINCT COUNT() need to have the DISTINCT seperated into its own query then the COUNT queried on top of that. Link

Microsoft Access SQL Syntax Reference - 12/01/2011

Some quick references for MS Access SQL data manupulations statments and group aggregation have been posted up, More will be added later.

Access Synching Combo Boxes

Access SQL Link